Charles F. Turner, R.N. - President/CEO/Director

Furman University - 1958-1962 (Bachelor of Business Administration)

Greenville Technical College - 1977-1979 (Registered Nurse)

Colorado State University - 1980 (Cardiac Certification)

Medical University of South Carolina - 1980 (Cardiac Certification)

ACLS Certified - 1979-Present (Has performed over 85,000 Stress Tests)


Board Certified, State Licensed Medical Directors:

Keith McKelvey, M.D. - South Carolina Assistant Medical Director

St. Louis University School of Medicine

Certified by American Board of Emergency Medicine

Joel Holcombe, M.D. - Georgia Medical Director

Indiana University School of Medicine

Certified by American Board of Emergency Medicine

Fred Veser, M.D. - North Carolina Medical Director

Jefferson Medical College of Thomas Jefferson University

Medical Center of Delaware

Certified by American Board of Emergency Medicine

Our Staff

Things to consider when choosing a Health Enhancement Contractor


  • Must perform a 12-lead, Submaximal, Ergometer Graded Exercise STRESS TEST!

  • Team members must be four-year college graduates in exercise science or above; Bachelors or Masters Degree prepared in exercise science.

  • Team members must be Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) certified.

  • Team must be under the supervision of a highly experienced, Exercise Physiologist possessing numerous years of stress testing experience.

  • Certified, full-time, experienced phlebotomist.

  • Reviewed by OSHA Compliance annually. This includes not only the program but also the Physician's Certificate to meet all of OSHA's regulations under 1910.156, 1910.120 and 1910.134. 




  • The physicians used to monitor all testing sessions must be state licensed and residency trained, Board Certified ER Doctors.

Professional Exercise Physiologists and Phlebotomist:
Team 1
  • Rodney Jaramillo - Vice President / Team 1 Director

        University of South Carolina at Aiken, 2016 – Bachelor of  Science, Exercise & Sports            Science
        ACLS Certified​

  • Jennifer Baylor - Exercise Physiologist

        Lander University - Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science

        ACLS Certified​

  •  Julissa Cardenas - Exercise Physiologist

         Lander University, 2020-Bachelor of Science Degree in Exercise Science

        ACLS Certified

  • Nathan Ruane - Exercise Physiologist

        James Madison University, 2014 - Bachelor of Science Degree Kinesiology​

         ACLS Certified


Team 2
  • Cody Anderson - Vice President/Team 2 Director       

       James Madison University, 2016 - Bachelor of Science in Health Science         

       ACLS Certified

  • Donny Barnes - Lead Exercise Physiologist 

        University of Montevallo, 2017 - Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology

       ACLS Certified​

  • Emily Pitts - Exercise Physiologist

       Anderson University, 2018 - Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology: Exercise Specialist               Concentration

       ACLS Certified

  • Griffin Senn - Exercise Physiologist​

       Lander University, 2017 - Bachelor of Science Degree in Exercise Science​

       ACLS Certified


Team 3
  • Scott Willix - Vice President / Team 3 Director

        Brevard College, 2001  – Bachelor of Exercise Science

        ACLS Certified

  • Rachel Summers - Lead Exercise Physiologist          

       Georgia Southern University, 2017 - Bachelor of Science, Kinesiology/Major in

        Exercise Science      

        ACLS Certified​​

  • Katie Holder - Exercise Physiologist 

       College of Charleston, 2017 - Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science

       ACLS Certified

  • Malorie Christie - Exercise Physiologist 

       Grand Valley State University - Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science

       ACLS Certified                                                                    


  • Kayla Fowler -  Lead  Phlebotomist

        Greenville Technical College – Certified Phlebotomist

        BLS Certified​

  • Amanda Bullard - Phlebotomist

  • Kim Strictland - Phlebotomist

  • Savannah Jolly - Phlebotomist


Administration / Marketing & Sales / Provider Services / Results Department:
  • Mary Brockman Finney - Vice President of Marketing

         Lander University, 2001 – Bachelor of Exercise Science

         ACLS Certified

  • Greg Barker - Vice President of Sales 

         Lander University, 1991 – Bachelor of Exercise Science

         Guilford College, 1988 – Sport Studies

         ACLS Certified

         *Has performed over 45,000 stress tests*


Provider Services
  • Michelle McKinney - Provider Services and Scheduling Manager


  • Aubrey Walker - Chief Financial Officer / Controller

  • Suzanne Vickers - Billing Specialist / Lead Financial Administrative Assistant

  • Kim Fields - Employee/COHSG Insurance Specialist / Financial Administrative Assistant


Patient Testing Results
  • Tammy Traynham - Results Manager

  • Brittany Hinton - Results Coordinator

  • Diana Kelley - Results Coordinator